Straws of Stress

The Mental Load is a new phrase that has been coined by an actual genius to sum up what happens in the mind of modern mammies. Of course everyone has their own mental load, and some bear theirs easier than others.

I definitely feel that us Mammies carry more than most, and that’s not meant to sound martyr-ish.

I was walking out to my car after work today, and I took a second to assess my next move.

Where do I need to be next?

What needs to happen before I can go home?

The wave of thoughts & mental occurrences flooded through my head.

Here is a summary of today’s random collection of snippets from my Mental Load! (In no particular order, as is the way with these thoughts!)

Haircuts; the boys’ hair is getting crazy again, and their barber has closed shop. Need to find somewhere new to bring them.

Lunches; the fridge is running bare, have I enough to assemble lunches for tomorrow?

Grocery shop; really need to restock but can’t do it today.

Tomorrow’s dinner; I already copped out & made a pizza dinner once this week, must think of something else.

Laundry in dryer; If I take those clothes out I will have to fold them, and there will then be 3 baskets of clothes sitting upstairs not put away. (Clothes still in dryer FYI)

Budgies cage; God that cage is filthy, really must get around to that.

Get new helmet; Small Bro’s bike helmet is coming apart at the seams, must get a new one…. cue tangeant of where, when, how thoughts…

Hair appointment; No Saturday booking available this month, might just have to settle for quick cut while boys are at school on Tuesday…if they can fit me in…

Finish plans at work; what have I missed? Must go back & chat to that other colleague tomorrow…

Drink my water; only 750mls gone out of ny 2 litres, drink up!

Try to get more veg into that dinner, what hasn’t rotted in the fridge yet?

Shouldnt have eaten that toast.

Kids have had cereal 3 times today I need to think of new snacks

Bed sheet needs to be changed on Small Bro’s bed; do it before we go up for bedtime

Must get new pull ups, these one are rubbish

Didnt workout yesterday & too tired today; need to do it tomorrow (ahem, Friday evening? Unlikely!)

Small Bro’s skin isn’t great is there something I should be doing about that?

Need milk & bread again.

Stop at the chemist before I go home, make sure to call ahead & order…

Has he done a wee yet today? Did he go at playschool?

Have I heard any coughs this evening? Don’t think so, not sure though…

Boys need new toothbrushes.

I have a headache just writing that. It took a lot longer to put into words than it took to think it, but nevertheless, each of those thoughts are like tiny little straws of stress, all piling on top of Mammy Camel’s back.

It has been proven (Google it!) that the women of the house carry the mental load in most homes, and the effect of that on a constant basis can’t be taken lightly.

I go back to my trusty lists when I feel this Camel’s back is about to break, I prioritise, I put reminders in my phone for when I know I will have time for x/y/z, I am good at recognising what can wait & making it wait.

It is so tiring though,

And as much as it is tiring, it seems equally hard to share or delegate!

Is this martyr-ish or is it normal?

Not quite sure!

What’s your take on it? Would love to know!

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