The Millennial Irish Mammy

Michelle O’Brien aka The Millennial Irish Mammy is exactly what you presume; a mother in Ireland, in her early 30’s, muddling through life in an internet-dependent generation of parents who are at the constant exposure of Parental Peer-Pressure and Perfectionsim.

However, The Millennial Irish Mammy knows that most of that Peer-Pressure is absolute bull.

Like the stereotypical Irish Mammy of days gone by- the one who says things like “Don’t come running to me when you fall and break your legs!” and “Shut your mouth and eat your dinner”, The Millennial Irish Mammy has a sharp tongue and a fondness for honesty.

Not so like the stereotypical Irish Mammy, I have a fondness for swearing, music with highly inappropriate lyrics and unapologetically sitting on my arse scrolling on my phone as often as possible.

If you are a kindred spirit, I ‘m sure you will enjoy what I have to offer!