Mammy’s Got Talent

A recent post I came across on Insta (@irishmamabuys) was asking Mammies to share their talents; this got me thinking about my own talents; Pre and Post-Mammyhood; cos let’s face it, they are two different lives!

Pre-Mammy Talents;

  • Sleeping In
  • Ignoring laundry in the machine for days
  • Cooking as little as possible
  • Window Shopping
  • Browsing
  • Being Lazy (guilt free)
  • Drinking!
  • Hangovers that only lasted 1 day
  • Going on holidays
  • TV marathons (while staying awake!)
  • Doing everything at the leisurely pace of my choice
  • Ignoring dust & dirt (it was minimal anyways to be fair)

Mammy Talents;

  • Doing housework with baby on hip
  • Reciting poetry & songs while driving
  • Breastfeeding while cooking
  • Land speed record for chasing crawlers with a mystery mouthful
  • Clocking up 15,000 steps without leaving the house
  • Cooking proper dinners at least 5 days a week
  • Making & sticking to shopping lists
  • Sixth Sense for mischief
  • Ability to predict the future (you’re going to fall!)
  • Setting up production lines of laundry on the kitchen table
  • Knowing where all the “lost” things are
  • Making multiple dinners at one time
  • Magic skill of hearing babies wake before they actually wake
  • Making schedules & arranging anything & everything
  • Memorising names of all characters of every show on RTEjr, Nick Jr, CBeebies, and Disney Jr
  • Planning & catering for birthday parties
  • Packing skills like no other (re-packing is another story)
  • Translating toddler-speak
  • Rage Cleaning

I could go on… the list is endless!

What Mammy Talents do you have that I missed? Be sure to let me know, maybe we could write a book!

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  1. 2 posts in one day!!that’s a talent in itself!!🤪🤪


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