Avoiding the Merry Meltdown

In case you’ve been under a rock since Halloween, I’m here to let you know that it is Merry Meltdown season! I’m not a grinch, but every year I feel more and more that the in-your-face non-stop marketing and selling is getting stressful. Stressful to the point of sending a lot of us on our…

Who Is She?

I see a woman in the mirror. I don’t know who she is. I’ve seen someone like her before… She does look familiar, but… She looks tired. She looks older. She looks frayed around the edges. Unstyled hair. Unkempt eyebrows. A chin hair that needs attention. She looks cross. She looks frustrated. She looks drained….

Coffee Cup

He’s gone. It’s over. I knew it was coming but I still feel blindsided. Four years and now what? Nothing? Alone? Cast aside like a supposedly compostable coffee cup? I’m pretty sure the girls have given up on me. The concerned texts have dissipated. The group chat has gone suspiciously quiet. I know they were…

The Kitchen Table

Sit Serve Eat Drink Mess Share Pass Wipe Crunch Munch Gobble Slobber Clean Play Draw Colour Write Read Learn Study Practice Paint Fold Stack Scatter Gather Talk Laugh Cry Whisper Shout Celebrate Mourn Grieve Grab Steal Hide Roll Squash Shape Stamp Pop Slice Poke Splash Spill Mop All around the Kitchen Table.

Latest Picks of the ‘Flix

Hello November! The month where the curtains never seem to even get opened! Dark evenings closing in, a North wind that would beat any Hollywood Browzer, and a fairly empty calendar… There is only one thing for it! Embrace the cosiness and take control of that remote… you now have full permission to dive headlong…