More Patience Please

I need to go to the Patience Shop & get some more patience. At least that’s what my boys would tell me if I asked where to get some.

When we need food we go to the food shop, when they get new clothes they come from the clothes shop, toys from the toy shop etc. So surely everything we need has a shop that sells it?

Unfortunately not.

I am not a patient person, I try to be, but I am not.

I hate queuing, I hate being put on hold, I hate being stuck behind someone half asleep at a green traffic light, I hate waiting for kids to put shoes on while they are hanging upside down off the couch instead of getting the Eff on with it.

See? Not patient.

Whenever I have been asked in an interview about my “faults” or whatever way they put it, I just ‘fess up immediately; I need to be more patient.

I am a teacher, my job relies on patience, we spend our days waiting for children to answer questions, to hand up work, to pay attention, to put things away/take things out, to look at us, to listen to us, so much of our job is waiting.

And I do it, and I don’t lose my sh*t, because I simply can’t if I want to keep my job!

Yet at home, I am unable to summon this inner patience that I manage to find at work. I am driven to the brink of a breakdown so many times a day by children relentlessly nagging me and never listening to me or doing what they have been asked to do.

Looking for food immediately after being fed, wanting something else as soon as my arse hits a chair, fighting with each other & whingeing to me about who knows what.

It drives me MENTAL.

I have NO PATIENCE for it.

As I sit here right this minute trying to put my frustration into words, I have 2 loons pushing the armchair around as I sit on it. And I am choosing to ignore them. But I will probably snap in a second & go full on psycho at them.

Every time I go online I am told to “enjoy every precious moment” etc… Sorry but that isn’t possible.

I will and do enjoy the moments where I don’t feel like my head is going to implode. I will and do enjoy the moments where I don’t feel like screaming out loud & running out of the house.

I definitely need to be more patient. I do try, and some days I am, and everything is grand. And other days, when I’ve had a crap sleep, or I am feeling claustrophobic in my own house, or the kids seem to be more demanding than usual, my fuse is so short that I don’t even understand it myself.

Yes yes self-care & all that. Totally agree, and I take my moments when I can. The problem is, most of those moments come after bedtime, when the 12 hour storm has already been weathered.

This week was meant to be the first week of “normality”, the boys were going to be in school Monday-Friday 9-12 and I was to be working 2 days. It started great, Monday was ideal, I got my break while they were at school, got my exercise in, was all organised & prepped at home, boys were happy & busy, and the day flew by with no drama.

Tuesday, it all went to sh*t because of a snotty nose.

This new feckin normal apparently now means Covid testing at the sniff of a temperature, and a week off work and school, waiting for testing, waiting for results, waiting for symptoms to be completely gone before we can get on with our lives.

Lots of waiting this week, and it didn’t suit me.

Thankfully, no Covid in the house (yet), just snots and a bit of a chesty cough, which will hopefuly be gone in time for us all to get back to school & work on Monday.

I definitely do not have the level of patience required for this lark on a regular basis.

Definitely need a trip to the Patience shop.

Anyone have a discount code? I’ll need to stock up.

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