Big Kids Small Handbag

I have graduated at last!

Nope, not a new piece of paper, or new letters after my name…

Much more exciting than that!

A new handbag!

A nice small handbag.

For almost 6 years now I have been a mother, and by default I have also been a glorified sherpa.

For a mother of small children, the handbag is no longer a well chosen piece of aesthetic accompaniment to go with an outfit. Oh no, the handbag of early motherhood is as good as a pack horse.

Gone are the days of a handbag just needing to hold “essentials” such as lippies, mirrors and hair related items.

The handbag now needs to hold a selection of, and sometimes ALL of the following items;

◦ Muslins

◦ Dodis

◦ Bottles

◦ Bibs

◦ Wipes

◦ Teethers

◦ Toys

◦ Rattles

◦ Nipple compresses

◦ Lanolin cream

◦ Water

◦ Small overpriced snack bars

◦ Bags of “organic” crisps

◦ Selection of fruit

◦ Indiscriminate crumb collection

◦ Keys, phone, wallet, other impossible-to-root-out items that fall to the bottom

So a small handbag is just not an option for most mammies.

Having multiple bags always stressed me out, so my handbag became “our” handbag for many a year. Throw the necessities in and go.

The changing bag was always left in the car for nappy emergencies. I just couldn’t cope with having too much stuff. Being 5’1” and wrestling with a Quinny and a carseat is enough to bring me out in a sweat, any excess luggage just made me want to collapse in a heap!

As time goes on, the handbag clutter reduces, and now with the youngest being almost 4, I’m moving out of the “small kids” bracket and I find myself in the very exciting position of being able to pick a nice SMALL handbag.

A nice small handbag, for just carrying MY stuff.

It’s a whole new era in my life! And no I am not being dramatic in the slightest!

I spent weeks trawling the internet, looking for *just* the right bag. Just the right size, and of course, just the right price. Thanks to Rona the chance for me to browse in person was not an option.

So now I have my nice small bag. No room for anyone else’s stuff, just about enough room for my own, and that suits me just fine!

Where are you on the handbag spectrum? What is your ultimate handbag goal? Let me know in the comments!

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