Being “Good” to Yourself vs Being “Kind” to Yourself

What’s the difference I hear you ask? Are they not the same thing?

I have come to realise lately that no, they are not the same thing.

I love a good excuse to be “good” to myself.

What that means to me is usually over-eating foods that I FECKIN LOVE but that are no good for me whatsoever. I have previously written about my hardcore sugar addiction (Here if you’re interested) and needless to say it’s a constant battle of ups and downs.

I have become much more conscious of being “kind” to myself rather than “good”.

Being “kind” to myself looks more like this;

  • Eating proper meals, less random snacking
  • Eating more veg & less carbs (not no carbs, don’t be crazy!)
  • Trying to have decent food prepped for when I’m in lazy/snacky form (hello roasted chickpeas!)
  • Cutting down the sugar intake
  • Increasing the water intake
  • Getting out for the odd walk
  • Resting when I need to rest
  • Putting my phone down before midnight
  • Reading things that stimulate my brain rather than just always scrolling mindlessly

I have learned that being kind to myself is doing things that make me actually feel better for more than 5 minutes…

I have always been too quick to feel sorry for myself and compensate by jumping head first into a share bag of something addictive, and I am no different now, but I recognise my need to get back on the wagon ASAP or else I just feel worse and worse.

I can have a treat day or whatever little bit of something it is that I fancy, and that is part of being kind to myself, but doing it every damn day is the opposite of being kind to myself.

Sometimes being kind to myself feels too much like hard work, and being good to myself is always soooo easy…

But I am trying to see the bigger picture & keeping my thoughts on the kind vs good mindset is helping me at the moment.

After a most enjoyable “treat day” I am now munching on my chickpeas, and am ready to be kind to myself tomorrow.

It is work, but it’s so worthwhile.

How do you mind yourself? Have I struck a chord with the kind vs good notion?? Let me know what you think!

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  1. Great post..there reallybisbauch a difference between good and kind..🥰🥰


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