Any Craic?

One week into 2021… it’s been eventful!

Have we learned anything?

Here’s a roundup of the week that’s been…

  1. Similar (but yet opposite!) to the Millennium Bug, Covid didn’t care about 2020 being over at midnight on December 31st and has decided to stick around
  2. Rona is a spiteful b*tch and has chosen to start the year with a bang…
  3. Trump supporters, sorry, “Patriots”, are quite possibly even more “out there” than we might have guessed…
  4. Snow is still exciting to small kids…even a mere dusting will do!
  5. Rural roads are hard to walk/drive on when the weather doesn’t go above 3 degrees for 5 days straight
  6. Zoom shares remain a valuable asset
  7. Brexit is proving inconvenient at both sides of the water (shocker)
  8. Random guys from Caherciveen can go viral- aboy Donie!
  9. Schools are still apparently “safe”… ahem…
  10. Lockdowns are minus bloody craic for anyone.

Nothing too shocking there really is there?

A week in & it’s like we have managed to condense the entire year of 2020 all over again into one mental week.

Covid. Trump. Homeschooling. Weather warnings. Zoom. Lockdown.

So in summary, any craic?


Shur where would I get it?!

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  1. Definitely going to follow your blog!


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