Toilet Training Diary; 6 Months On

Last May I took on what I thought would be the challenge of the year… Toilet Training Small Bro.

Little did I know it would probably be the least stressful thing I have endured since then!

I documented our early days & put them into some brief blog posts if you fancy having a read of those here before you continue…

So over 6 months has passed since we trained the smallest man of the house… and I realise that out of all the millions of toilet training advice articles that are out there, very few actually do a follow up…so here goes mine.

If you have toilet trained a small human before, you will know that it is not an overnight project, or a few days project, it’s a months long transition from nappies to independence.

The first few days are like getting to Base Camp; being fully trained by day & night is akin to reaching the Summit.

To be precise we are nearing 8 months since we kicked nappies to the kerb & I still feel like it’s a daily task to keep on top of the toileting situation with this guy.

We graduated from nappy to potty to toilet without too much hassle, but only in the last couple of weeks has he stopped using the training seat insert. We forget about the physical challenges of such a small person using a device that is designed for fully grown humans!

He has only just become confident enough to stand on his step, hop onto the seat & shuffle himself back to where he’s not afraid (or at actual risk of!) falling in. He has grown taller and stronger, and is more able to manoevre himself accurately. This all takes so much time.

I still have to carefully consider his clothing, especially on days where I am at work & he needs to be able to manage himself from morning until late afternoon. I make sure he has the right underwear on (loose jocks that will fly up & down!) and that the pants he’s wearing are loose enough at the waist that he can pull up fully & won’t get tangled or leave him going around like TuPac at playschool…!

We still have to make him sit on the loo before we leave the house, or even go outside to play. NEVER believe a 3 year old when they tell you they don’t need to go… they ALWAYS need to go. Trust me!

The potty still lives in the boot of the car. Cos like I say, they always need to go, and especially when they downright refused to wee before you left the house.

There is still the odd accident & dribble/leak here and there… “It’s ok Mammy it’s only a small bit”!!!

He still wants us/needs us to go with him pretty much every time.

Number 2’s are a must-attend event, for which at least one parent is required for the admiration of the poo & the cleaning of the bum… joyful.

In general, daytime has been a success.

Night time however is a different ballgame, and we are not winning!

PullUps are in high demand, and lately we are doubling up cos Mammy is sick to the back teeth of washing bed linen every day…!

We have tried waking him to get him to wee before we go to bed.

This for us, has NOT been a good plan.

Screaming, thrashing, violent tantrums at 11pm.

Not great for the aul head or the stress levels.

So now we are back to just giving him time.

Big Bro night trained himself & we did not know ourselves.

Different story this time!

Hopefully in the next few months his little body will have matured enough to attempt a dry night or two.

We take for granted how much of a challenge toilet training is for these little toddlers, there are so many physical and psychological boxes that need to be ticked before & during the whole process.

All we can do is observe, strike when the time is right, and stick with it once you get going.

Hopefully I will be able to report back in another 6 months & say that we have reached the Summit!

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