Tantrum Thursday

Thursday. Day 4. Over the hump, but not the weekend yet.

A month in now & I definitely see a pattern emerging.

A cranky, overtired, insatiable, irrational, energy draining pattern.

This evening has been yet another Thursday evening of boys having meltdowns & me trying NOT to have a meltdown.

Home from the childminders at 3.45, and within 5 minutes one of them is crying. And the other is almost literally swinging from the rooftops.

This is despite me trying to “get ahead of it” by coming home myself first, cooking a few sausages to ease the STARVATION upon arrival, and having a few jobs done that freed me up so chill in the sitting room with them for a while.

They ate the sausages, asked for more, the eldest negotiated an ice-pop (“we won’t ask for one after dinner!”), and continued to take turns bawling, screeching, throwing themselves around, generally being head-wrecking & no matter what I did or said or gave them, nothing settled them.

Big Bro pushes the boundaries with his behaviour, tripping up Small Bro on purpose, jumping on furniture, roaring for no reason, general mayhem. I ignore a bit, I try to divert him, he only gets worse. He gets his warnings, pushes straight past them, and then refuses point blank to go on Time Out.

So he loses the iPad slot after dinner, and all hell breaks loose.

Daddy arrives home to chaos.

I tackle them up & get them outdoors between showers. More crying and meltdowns and fights and screams.

Back inside.

More mayhem in the sitting room once dinner is half swallowed.

I know they are exhausted. I am feeling it too. I encourage them to chill, or do relaxing things, but no.

What should I be doing? Do I completely ignore the behaviours? Do I fire treats at them as a distraction? Do I stick their noses in screens? Do I just accept my fate that this is life for now until they learn how to regulate the end-of-week exhaustion?!

All and any ideas welcome!

I was supposed to do my Strong Nation class tonight… but I am just not able!

But look, tomorrow is Friday! And everything is always hunky dorey on Fridays right????

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