More Picks of the ‘Flix!

It’s been a while since I put my last list of Netflix recommendations together, and needless to say there has been a lot of watching done since!

I stuck at Seinfeld on All4 for ages since, but at Series 8 it’s getting a bit dull so I’m putting that one to bed for a while!

I’m starting with the Dark ones… what is it about serial killers that make TV so damn interesting? Here are my picks…

Marcella; Series one was gripping and shocking in equal measures. Anna Friel is excellent in her role, and the entire storyline is woven together so intricately. Series two I can’t really comment on,as we got 2 episodes in & the theme just made me so uncomfortable; child abduction, torture, murder… too much for me thanks!

Criminal; This is THE show for those of us who love crime dramas; but in particular those who LOVE the interviews & interrogations of the suspected criminals. There are a few series of this, each based in a different country & I can’t wait to see what they bring to the mix. The UK one is really well done, it is literally just zoning in on the interview room part of each story, and I loved it!

The Fall; We were late to the bandwagon on this one, had heard of it while it was on real tv, but never watched it. I have to admit that it had me turning on every light in the house & double checking that every door was locked at bedtime…!! Jamie Dornan might be a thing of beauty but my God was he an absolute creep in this. Again, the plot twists kept me glued to the screen despite feeling sick to my stomach at numerous points! 100% binge-worthy.

Moving on from the Murderous Psychopaths…!

Queen of the South; For anyone having Narcos withdrawals; you will love this! Heavy going at times, some really violent grim scenes, and not all of the acting is Oscar-worthy, but the storyline and plot twists will keep you watching right to the end. As the series go on, the whole show just gets that bit slicker, a great watch.

Lighter viewing….

The Duchess; ok this one deserves its own blog but suffice to say it is just everything. Razor sharp lines, shocking foul humour at times, raw emotions, it has it all. The cast all play their roles to perfection, Katherine is just amazing; not to even mention her style; the style is as close to royalty as the show gets despite its title! An absolute must-watch for any comedy fans.

Selling Sunset; This to me is like The Hills back in the day, except half the women are hitting middle age & have had excessive cosmetic interference… Yes it’s about a high-end estate agency in California, and there are some epic homes on show, but mostly its leggy blondes bitching… who doesn’t love that? I’m a few episodes in, and I will definitely keep watching… it is gold-standard American “reality” TV & most definitely a guilty pleasure.

The Home Edit; This is new to me, apparently there has been an entire world of Home Editing happening on Instagram for ages now but however! Like most things, it doesn’t exist until Netflix shows me! For any Marie Kondo fans, or anyone who just enjoys a good aul de-clutter, this show is very satisfying! And they throw in a few celebs’ wardrobes too for some good nosing!

I hope you have found something new in there, be sure to let me know if I gave you a new obsession!

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