Death by a Thousand Whys




Why do 3 year olds feel the need to use this tiny but massively annoying word a thousand times a day?

There is just no sense nor reason to the amount of “why” I hear every day. Just as one boy grew out of it, the other started!

Regardless of the answer that’s given to the Why, there is always another one straight after it.

If you are of my vintage you will remember one of the Animaniacs skits from the ’90’s… Buttons and Mindy. Buttons being a long-suffering pet dog and Mindy being the headwrecking cute little blonde thing with the incessant WHYs.

I remember laughing out loud at those scenes when I was young…

Now I’m living with my own Mindy & it ain’t so funny anymore!

“What are you doing Mammy?”

“Cooking dinner.”


“So we have some food to eat.”


“‘Cos we all need to have dinner so we aren’t hungry.”




It’s as if the more I answer him, the less he actualy cares about what I’m saying & he speaks as if he’s on autopilot.

“I’m going to the loo.”


“Because I need to wee.”



*deep breath*

*just walk away*

There literally is not one exchange with this child lately that doesn’t have multiple whys involved.

There are only so many deep breaths a person can take before they either flip, or pass out…

I’m sure there is some wonderful developmental pyschological reason for all the Why-ing… but in the name of all that’s good & holy is it really necessary?!

Is it?


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