Peeing on a Stick

I think it’s safe to say that if you are a female of child bearing age, the title of this blog will spark many emotions in you.

Many a stick has been peed on by all of us in our lifetimes to date… I am of course referring to pregnancy-related sticks… but maybe you have also peed on other kinds of sticks… no judgement here😅

Those sticks hold more power than any magicians wand.

Cheap ones, dear ones, smiley faces or crosses. Whatever the price or the symbol on the window, they can make or break us in equal measure.

If you have been trying to conceive, waiting for the day when you can pee on that stick is more torturous than waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve when you were 5.

Then the day comes, morning more like, and you let that sample out, hands shaking with nerves and anticipation, trying to do it properly without needing to clean the entire bathroom afterwards…

You thought nothing could be worse than the Two Week Wait, but then you learn that the Two Minute Wait feels just as long.

Do I look? A watched pot & all that…

Do I walk away & come back in a couple of minutes?

Maybe just sit here and wait…

If you have not been trying to conceive and still find yourself in need of a stick to pee on, the process is equally nervewracking, but with different and more complicated feelings attached.

Either way it’s a lifetime waiting to see the result.

When the result does come, your heart aches in one of two ways.

You either burst with excitement, relief and delight,

Or you are heartbroken, disappointed and miserable.

Either situation can apply for a positive or a negative result, and no situation is easy.

It is a lot to experience for one person. Especially when that one person is usually alone in a bathroom.

Peeing on a stick might be something you do only once or twice in your life, or it could be something you do every 4 weeks for years on end.

It never gets any less nervewracking.

It never gets any less torturous.

The result never gets any less significant for the person waiting for it.

I often pass the tests on the shelf at the chemist and get mini-flashbacks of being the woman buying them.

Shifty glances around me, hoping I won’t bump into anyone I know.

More often than not, going to a different chemist & not knowing where to find them…!

I think about the women and girls who buy them not wanting to see anything positive. It makes my heart hurt. These wombs of ours put us through so much.

Peeing on a stick is one of the few things in real life that plays out exactly like it does in the movies.

Whatever the result is that we hope for, so much hangs in the balance. We pee, we wait, our stomachs churning, minds racing, the next 18 years in visions in our heads, for better or worse.

It gives me chills when I think of all the feelings attached to my stick-peeing days.

Such a quick moment in the grand scheme of a persons’ life, but SO significant.

So much so that I felt like it warranted a little blog!

Feel free to share your own thoughts or experiences💕

3 Comments Add yours

  1. So much emotion before, during and after…❤❤


  2. As always sooo well put, you are a legend Michelle. I never peed on a stick , ladies of my vintage just sweated it out and hoped for the best. 😓xx


    1. Times have certainly changed and I would be fairly sure it was simpler in your day💕the not-knowing isnt fun though!


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