Preening and Panic

Yay! It is finally happening!

I have a Hen Night & a wedding to go to within the next month!

The excitement amongst our gang of girls is palpable…

The sheer panic of how the hell we are going to put ourselves together is also palpable😅


Full face of make up?

Co-ordinated outfit?


Oh jesus.

Theme as well?? Ok sure, no problem! *sweat beads on brow*

I full on need multiple tutorials in the run up to these events.

I also need botox in my feet to be able to tolerate any kind of elevation underfoot.

Do Ecco or Hush Puppies do nice stilettos yet?? Cos I can’t see myself lasting past dinner in anything other than Ugg slippers at this point…

Are smokey eyes still in? Are we allowed to use liquid liner these days? Is highlighting a yay or nay?

So many questions.

This is no joke folks… panic I tell you!

We have all reverted to our 16 year old selves…

Are we going like DRESSY dressy or just kinda casual dressy? What about the activity are you dressing up for that? Are you getting the hair done?

What do people even wear anymore??

I have been clocking up embarassing amounts of airmiles with online shopping purchases and returns… I tried in-person shopping but that was unsuccessful…

I am sorted for the wedding, phew. But I am far from sorted for the hen, which feels like an equally large event in my calendar.

I have pulled the wardrobe assunder trying on a few almost vintage options from past events.

I have the upgraded, next-level shapewear.

I have one potential option.


Except wait… theme… eek… I mean nobody is going to look their full potential of hotness within any theme so I’ll be grand if it doesn’t work amazingly well…

But DAMMIT I want it to work amazingly well!!

Breathe… be grand! It’s just my friends… they don’t mind what I look like, I will tell them that they look great and they will repay the compliment!

Zero panic.

But still panic cos we all know we want to look our best, especially when it’s been so long since we got a chance to pull out the big glam guns…

I have a week to sort my outfit and find something that I look good and feel good in for our long awaited celebration…

I will settle for “grand” for this occasion if I have to, but I really don’t want to!

I have full confidence in my choice of outfit for the wedding so that will be a less panic inducing event!

The preening and the panic will be full on come Friday night but ya know what, once we are all together we won’t even care.

It’s a stressful life us girls lead!

Bring on the preening… and I will manage the panic… with the right amount of prosecco!

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  1. So delighted for you!!its gonna be wild, wild, wild!!!


    1. Lol ya wild until 11.30pm closing🤣

      Liked by 1 person

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