Women vs Men: Event Planning

Ohhhh yes. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weekends away, night out, weddings, the Women Vs Men argument is strong here.

Let’s take a basic one; birthdays. Kids birthdays for example.

Anyone who has ever organised or hosted a kids birthday party, no matter how small or simple, knows the weeks and maybe even months of forward planning and thinking that’s involved.

What day does their birthday fall?

Who is going to be coming?

Should we have it at home or somewhere else?

What decorations will we need?

Theme or no theme?

Balloons will need to be ordered.

What kind of present would they like?

What are they into at the moment?

It should be something they will enjoy, but also use and not cast aside after a day…

Does it need to be ordered?

Are we doing a big present or a few smaller ones?

What did the siblings get for that age?

Other family members also ask you what they would like… cue more headscratching…

What is the food going to be?

How much will we need?

Guests dietary requirements?

What kind of cake? Homemade or bought?

Will it be a drinking affair or not?

What about the non-drinkers, do we need something nice for them?

Are there any key sporting events on that weekend?

What’s the weather going to be like?

Bouncy castle or not?

Indoors or outdoors?

Do we have enough furniture?

What will we all wear?

Do we need new outfits?

Does anyone need a haircut beforehand?

There are a LOT of considerations to be made.

And who makes 99% of these??

Yes, it is indeed the woman!

If you are anything like me you will start thinking about all this at least 6 weeks in advance. Picking a date, looking up presents, thinking of themes or cakes they might love.

As the birthday approaches, I sort the shopping, food, decorations, cake, card, usually the present too.

On the day it’s all guns blazing. Family arriving in dribs and drabs, house being wrecked as I attempt to make it presentable, food is being cooked and prepped on rotation, it all starts takes shape.

And eventually us girls can sit back and relax…

Until the clean up begins!!

I often sit back and look around at these events and can’t help compare them to scenes from a black and white RTE archives show…

Men with full bellies sitting back supping cold drinks in the sitting room while the women scurry around in the kitchen before settling at the clean table with cups of tea…

Correct me if I’m wrong!

Before you say it, I am not complaining. I enjoy the planning and hosting, and I don’t want the man of the house to take over at any point! This is a Women vs Men observational piece, and these are my observations.

If I was to even mention the whole area of wedding planning we would be here all week so I won’t go there! Suffice to say it’s the birthday party situation x100…!

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