Love Island; Pros and Cons

My newsfeeds are flooded since the weekend with Love Island publicity. On the one hand there are many excited viewers clearing their schedules to get stuck in for another series. On the other hand there are many people making very valid declarations of refusal to engage…and I’m in two minds about which side of the fence I’m on!

I have watched two series of it since it started and yes I 100% enjoyed it but it also did suck the life out of me a bit.

Episode one aired tonight, I haven’t seen it and am undecided whether or not to follow it up, so I have made a list of pros and cons about the show to see where I might land…

I’ll start with the Pros;

  • Sun! So much sun!
  • Mindless entertainment- always welcome
  • Glamour; hair, make up, lashes, tans outfits, all the glam!
  • Hilarious silly challenges
  • Eye candy; there I said it
  • Gossip to chat about with fellow fans the next day
  • Not needing to think about what you are going to watch on TV for the evening
  • The drama and anticipation of the coupling and re-coupling
  • Will they/won’t they? Did they/didn’t they discussions?
  • The thrill of the Bombshells
  • Ian Stirling’s top notch narrating skills


  • Excessive body exposure… seriously how much of a girls anatomy do we need to see
  • Excessive body comparison; both on and off screen
  • Amplifying your own physical insecurities by looking at these “perfect” people in all their glory for 90mins a day
  • The lack of more “normal” or every day body types
  • The challenges are utter tripe and often over-sexualised
  • The slow-motion camera action during said challenges is 100% cringe
  • It takes over your life for two entire months
  • The episodes are LOOONGGG
  • The media tripe and abuse that follows each contestant
  • The post-show fallout for contestants; mental health implications and unfortunately also multiple suicides related to the show

Woah it all got a bit heavy towards the end there didn’t it?

But that is the reality behind this reality show…

Yes it is good telly, no better telly to pass a long evening after a long day! Sometimes though I do question how it manages to suck so many of us in. The crew really are being watched this year as regards contestant well-being and I think it will be a real test of ITV’s integrity.

I remain on the fence about this series, I will probably get drawn in out of pure FOMO caused by social media, but what can ya do…!

Now I must dash, I GOT A TEXT!!

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