Mam Down

What a fortnight it’s been… illness, injury, more days off sick than the past 10 years combined, and more hours spent on the couch than I ever imagined possible!

I’m almost back to myself after an unfortunate run of bad luck. This Mammy has been up on blocks for the first time in… possibly ever?

Despite the fact that I only technically work part time I have been exhausted lately. Just physically burned out. Wrecked. I have no excuse, I can’t explain it, but it is something that does seem to happen at least once a year.

This time the result was me being sick and not being able to do anything only rest. Proper rest. Staying in bed kinda rest. Moving to the couch and not getting off it only to go to the toilet kinda rest.

I did naively insist on making myself keep on top of the laundry and other stupid things when I could muster the energy during these days off, the pure martyr mammy bullshit, and it went against me of course.

Just as I was beginning to feel better, I made bits of my ankle by absent-mindedly walking into a giant pothole. Ideal.

So then there was more compulsory rest.

This time my body broke itself just enough to make sure that absolutely nothing house-related got done. For days on end!

With all those hours on the couch you would have thought I’d have been flat out blogging and writing and Instagramming, but no. My brain just went into shutdown mode so there was zero productivity of any sort.

That was disappointing, but it was proof to me that the weakness was not just my ankle, it was my entire self.

And now five days on from that, I am mostly better again, but still have the feeling of being wrecked!!!

As I type this, I am full stretch on a very comfy hotel bed in the middle of the day, the leg is up again, and it is about all I can manage to hold my phone.

The kids are “on holidays” at their grandparents’ house until tomorrow, and we are all having some very necessary time apart!

The timing of this break was on point. It’s not just me that is tired to the bone. Himself is as well. It’s the middle of June. Half of this year is over us and it has been relentless.

We are all plodding along, day by day, week by week, month by month.

And it’s grand for the most part.

Going through the motions.

Living for the weekends.

Who even knows why, the weekends are not exactly respite or relaxation either when it comes to being at home with highly energetic boys with short attention spans.

So we keep plodding until we crash.

I definitely crashed two weeks ago.

Crashed and burned.

And I’m still smouldering.

School holidays are upon us so I am pinning all my hopes on a slower pace and time to recharge.

This Mam is well and truly down.

And it’s goin to take a while to get me back up!!

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