Enhance This

Enhance this, reduce that, smooth this out, plump that up…

Ladies, what are doing to ourselves?

Lips, lashes, skin, nails, hair, brows, boobs, bums, bellies; we are all born with these things, but most of us are unhappy with what we have been given.

Have we made ourselves unhappy or is the world around us making us unhappy?

Why does all this enhancement and intervention make us feel better? Because we look more like the “ideal”? What ideal? Whose ideal?

It used to be Marilyn & her tiny waist… now its Kim. Kim’s tiny waist & enormous (by comparison to said waist) everything else. Not to mention her siblings who spend their time denying the assistance they may or may not have had to make themselves look as feckin gorgeous as they do.

And yes I do think they look gorgeous. I don’t think they are the epitome of beauty, but I do think they look perfect.

As we are well aware, perfection doesn’t exist in real life, but it CAN exist in online life. Celebs and influencers make it exist. And we then crave that perfection; either consciously or sub-consciously.

I have had atopic eczema all my life so I never bothered with the tan craze that began in the early 2000’s (and still going strong!). It would have been a complete disaster on my skin, so I just accepted that it wasn’t for me. I could see how it made everyone around me look “better” but I really was not arsed enough to go there with my own skin.

Similarly with make-up, I have always erred on the side of caution, only applying the barest minimum of products when the occasion really called for it. And again, I always admired how much “better” everyone else looked with a flawless full face, but I knew the fallout of the full face was never going to be worth it for me.

And then came filters…!

My prayers were answered!

You mean I can have perfect looking skin & lucious lashes with the swipe of a finger & zero skin reactions??


And it was fun for a while. I have still been sticking one on when my skin is being a bitch & I don’t want the world (my humble few followers!) to know about it.

But I think we need to call time on the constant filtering now for the sake of the next generation of young people that are coming after us.

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but we could at least just acknowledge that we also look “normal” most of the time. Be honest about the spots, the patches, the wrinkles, the baby hairs etc.

People see so much “perfection” online that it is very easy for us even as fully grown adults to forget that it’s not all real.

Imagine how hard it must be for a teenager to realise that what they are looking at is an illusion? That it is almost completely unattainable?

I don’t just mean that girls will want to look like these illusions, there is also the element that boys will expect girls to look like these illusions; that’s not good for anyone.

Teenagers of every generation have had crises of confidence & obsessions about their appearance; that is normal. Ridiculously high and artifical expectations of yours and others appearance is not normal.

Teenagers and young people in general need more realness on their stories and feeds.

Us Millennials have been through it all at this point, heading for our second recession and what not! We have lived through so much change and upheaval. We are the role models for the next crew coming up the ranks; so it’s up to us to set the tone.

Surely this is a good place to start?

Enhance all you like, but own it. Be transparent. Let the younger peeps know that they don’t NEED to look filter perfect to be acceptable humans in this world.

This rant was brewing in me for a while, with a similar title lurking in my Drafts for months now. The topic came to fore this week on the back of the latest Dove campaign to end the filtering culture of social media, and was brought to my attention by @thesleepymammy and @sile_seoige. Thank you ladies for sharing & for being real and true💜

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