Why Bother

I spotted a field of cows & calves right beside the road yesterday while driving back from town. I thought “Great! That’s tomorrow’s activity sorted!”

The morning after a boozy zoom is never really a great time to have plans as we all know, but nonetheless I was all gung ho about this amazing adventure we were going to have to see the bovine beauties…

Wellies on, high-vis on, let’s hit the country road… one child insisted on wearing a wooly hat, which immediately started to make his head itch. I started thinking about where I might find the nit comb…

Then he proceeded to scratch his arse the whole way down the road… worms perhaps?

The arse-scratching was punctuated by the standard “Are we there yet” nagging…

The other child claimed I was “breaking his arm” by merely holding his hand in an effort to keep him safe.

We eventually (10mins later) got to the field that held so much promise in my head.

In reality it only held half of the cows it had boasted yesterday.

And they were all lying down.

At the far side of the field.

Not moving.


Me feigning enthusiasm: “Oh wow look at all the cows! They must be having a rest…No we won’t touch that fence now because it could be electric…!”

“Ow Mammy something hit me!”

“Yes dear that was an electric current running through your body because you TOUCHED THE FENCE.”

“This is boring. Can we go home?”

“I’m hungry.”

“Why did we walk so far away?”

We trudged home. I tried not to be a cranky bitch even though I wanted to have an absolute meltdown.

Why do kids walk so damn slowly when you are on an actual walk? They go around the house at breakneck speed yet take them out for actual exercise and their pace is glacial!

There is nothing more frustrating than making an effort to entertain kids, pass some time and do something “nice” and have it feel like a complete waste of time.

To stop them from whingeing all the way home, we discussed what we should eat when we got back. Food is life after all.

And now I’m happily sat on my arse, and they are happily playing.

Once again I ask myself, why did I bother?

I seem to do that a lot these days!!

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