Oh to Be a Cress Seed

Wouldn’t you just love to be as simple as cress.

Bitta water, some damp tissue & you’re ready to grow at lightening speed!

That right there is low maintenance.

I unfortunately am not cress.

I need a hell of a lot more than damp tissue to be my best self.

I need lots of food… LOTS.

A nice selection of drinks, preferable some alcoholic for best results…

Access to an iPhone at regular intervals.

Decent streaming services.

Comfy clothes; fashion not a major concern.

The perfect bed, bedding & pillow… the combination has to be just so… my husband doesn’t call me the Princess and the Pea for no reason!

I need peace and quiet, alone time.

I need work, and to use my brain constructively.

Most of all I need people. And fun. And laughs. And long chats about nothing. And dancing. And meals that I didn’t cook myself. And nights spent away from my own house.

Cress doesn’t need any of these things.

Cress is unaffected by the current shitstorm that is life on this planet.

Cress just waits for that bit of damp tissue, and off it goes, being it’s best self with no drama.

I only wish I was like cress.

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