Walking Out the Door

Go on admit it, we have all had the split second of thinking it…





Wanting to walk out the door and just keep on walking.

Insert obligatory statement here that I love my family & I’m so grateful yadda yadda yadda but really…

What would actually happen?

If we did just walk out/run away/drive off…

Scenario A;

The remaining family members would be hungry, possibly even malnourished if you were gone long enough.

A few days in, there wouldn’t be a clean stitch to be found in the house.

The toothpaste and toilet paper would be gone & not replaced for a week.

Everything that got lost would never be found.

The freezer would be empty.

There would be tears all round looking for Mammy & everyone would be heartbroken.

Scenario B;

Everyone manages just fine. The shopping would get done. The laundry would eventually get done. The bog roll would be restocked. There might even be a homecooked meal at some stage

And you would be heartbroken at not being needed as much as you thought.

Much as we give out about it & wish it wasn’t so, it is nice to be needed.

We couldn’t be replaced no matter how hard anyone tried.

Nobody does anything like Mammy does.

And yes they probably would manage just fine without us, but we would be terribly missed.

We would miss them terribly too. And there would be tears on our end.

We all think it, imagine it, contemplate it but never actually do it.

And we will continue to think, imagine, contemplate. We might even stand at the door sometimes and think about it for a second longer.

But we will hang around.

They need us and we need them.

Even if they drive us to the absolute edge of insanity.

Every day.

10 times over.

We will hang around.

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  1. Here, here..πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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