Back in Your Box Buddy

Straight up, this one is a rant.

An Anti-Elf rant.

And no I’m not a Grinch!!

I happen to think that elves are actually quite lovely for the most part, but when it comes to the very ironically named “Buddy”… I just can’t deal.

Whoever introduced him to the Pre-Christmas mayhem is definitely not on my card list!!

As if us parents don’t have enough to be worrying about in the run up to The Big Day…

Buddy is not my buddy and I make no secret of it…

Buddy to me is just more Parental Peer-Pressure dressed up in festive tights…

No thank you!

According to a very high profile survey carried out recently (my Insta poll!) I am not alone in my dislike of this creepy little guy.

Over 2/3 of the answers I got back said that they are equally allergic to the aul Elf on the Shelf. Some of them said that yes they do have an elf, but they feckin hate him.

I have to admit I did feel vindicated by this amount of mammies agreeing with me!

I just see that Elf as another straw of stress on Mammy camel’s back at a time of the year where things are hectic enough already. The mental load coming up to Christmas is a special kind of MENTAL & leaves women (yes, women!) on the verge of a breakdown come Turkey Day.

I will be damned if I’m pushed over the edge by a bloody elf.

I’m not a complete misery guts, I can totally see the fun side of the elf antics & I know how much glee small children have seeing what he’s gotten up to overnight, but I just can’t justify the extra brain space it must take to make it all happen.

Fair play to those of you who do your research and put the effort in, it is impressive, but this is an Elf-Free Zone as far as I am concerned.

Elf or no elf there is still more than enough fun and excitement to keep kids entertained throughout December.

We are deliberately keeping a low profile on the whole thing for now, mostly because kids this young have no concept of time & get so beyond frustrated when they have to wait for big events that they usually STOP SLEEPING… nothing is worth this, nothing!

We are also keeping things on the down low because I feel like as they get older their expectations and wants will get more demanding, and we don’t want to peak too soon!

We will go full on Christmas nearer the time, and we will soak it all up in due course.

1st December is a few days away, which for some means the arrival of Buddy & his antics, and probably nightly reminders set in phones to move the menace before folks head to bed for the night…

I am happily not adding that job to my list.

And luckily my children seem to know me well enough to not even askšŸ¤£

If you enjoyed this, have a read of my older piece on Parental Peer-Pressure here.

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