Kicking the (Sugar) Habit

I am the stereotypical sugar-addicted mammy. I have mastered the art of secret eating over the years. I never smoked & rarely drink but I am a full blown sugar addict.

Sugar from sweets, sugar from chocolate, sugar from cereals, sugar from processed foods & all the amazingness of sugar from refined carbs. Weirdly, I never add actual sugar to anything, but I can’t resist any food with built in sugar!

So many of us are withered from life in general and we turn to the most accessible drug available; sugar. We love it, but it hates us!!

I always had a hardcore sweet-tooth. Then somewhere between leaving college & getting engaged, my “sweet-tooth” gifted me with a 3 stone weight gain.

I managed to shift most of it over the course of a year or so & felt great for a while, but the sugar addiction was far from gone.

And so life went on, I gained weight, lost weight, up a bit, down a bit, on & off the wagon. Got married, had 2 babies, up & down, up & down.

Throw in an allergy to regular exercise & portion control and you are not on a good path…

The sugar addiction became sugar dependence.

And that same 3 stone just kept lingering.

Life with 2 small boys doesn’t easily lend itself to kicking a major addiction. Sleep deprived? Sugar. Feeling stressed? Sugar. Feeling hungry but no energy or motivation to cook a proper meal? More sugar. “Little treat” when the boys are in bed? Sugar. Celebrating a good day? Sugar.

I made a few attempts at Slimming World, and yes it helped me temporarily shift a few pounds, but after a couple of months I would be back to where I started, all because these plans didn’t address the root of my NEED for sugar.

So in March just gone I was in the throes of Lockdown, eating my way through the day from the minute I got up until I went to sleep again. Shoving biscuits & chocolate in my face at every opportunity. Eating huge bowls of cereal during the day just for the sake if it. Immediately after my breakfast I would be hitting the Treat Press… and after every other meal.

The weight was visibly piling on & I was getting so sick of how I looked & how crappy I felt.

It had been on my mind for a while to try a new approach to sorting myself out. I took the plunge & contacted a Nutritional Therapist. She went through a very detailed questionnaire with me & over the course of a few weeks, laid out a gradual plan to change everything about the way I eat and what I eat!

She really took the time to tease out the root of my cravings, and taught me how to eat so that I was no longer ruled by my sweet tooth.

Over 2 months in and it’s been a pretty dramatic change day to day. I’m no saint, I still break out every now & again, but I have eliminated about 90% of my sugar intake. It’s been a serious learning curve. I have had to change the way I shop, the way I plan, the way I cook, the way I think about food, pretty much everything.

I still have the days where a child has woken me umpteen times during the night & I just want to dive headfirst into a bag of jellies. So instead of diving I paddle a tiny bit into the water & stop before I begin to drown.

I have taken up exercise, am taking some supplements, drinking more water & less caffeine, and it hasn’t killed me! Shocking stuff!

I have more energy, my skin is great, I’m shedding some fat & toning up slowly but surely. I’m feeling so much more human & so much less “bleugh” than I was a few months back.

I’m not writing this to say how great I am, I am nowhere near “fixed” but I am in the best place I have been in years as regards my overall health.

I am writing this for the other women and mammies who are in the grips of emotionally driven sugar addiction. It is almost impossible to fix it by yourself. I definitely couldn’t.

If you are relating to my struggle, then I definitely encourage you to find someone to help. It’s not just about food or weight. It’s a whole body project. You deserve to feel better in yourself and about yourself. Make the investment in your wellbeing. If it was one of your children having this battle you wouldn’t think twice about getting them some help.

I am also writing this in case I end up falling off the wagon… I have a tendency to do that! The only thing I am consistant with is being INconsistant! If I do end up sabotaging all my good work, I will have committed all these facts to my blog, immortalised on the internet… there ready & waiting to kick my ass & get back on it!

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