Bag it Up

I knew the therapeutic power of a good de-clutter long before Marie Kondo charmed half the world into her way of thinking. It’s one of those things that just gives me a moment of “Ahhhhh” once it’s done.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a neat freak or an obsessive tidy-up-er in any way. Day to day our house is like any house with 4 people living in it… including 2 small boys… it’s far from clutter free.

Every now & again I get to the point of needing a good clear out. And it makes me so happy! For like a day, then it all starts slipping back again; but at least with slightly less crap.

I love having nice things. I love that my boys have nice things. I love when they get nice presents & all that goes with it. But I do not love when the nice things turn into items that cause nothing but stress, drama and arguments about tidying up.

When there is an occasion coming up such as birthdays or Christmas, I have started doing a pre-emptive de-clutter of clothes & toys. It works great! Some stuff out, some stuff in, everything fits where it should, everyone is happy.

Well, I am happy; nobody else in the house notices or cares! And seeing as I’m the one doing all the noticing & caring, I might as well please myself…!

At least once a year I do a good root through my clothes & bag up whatever annoys me. Whatever doesn’t fit, whatever hasn’t been touched in the last decade, whatever I never wear, it goes in the bag. I’m not a total psycho, I do keep some things just not ALL the things.

Same goes for the playroom. Our boys have a lot of toys, but not so much that it can’t all fit in one room. When it starts to feel like things are spilling over, I bide my time & get stuck in.

Anything that’s usually just left thrown around & never really played with, it goes in the bag. Things they’ve grown out of: into the bag. Teddies that are only gathering dust and haven’t been on the VIP list for ages; into the bag; your time is up. Books that are getting tattered & never looked at, bag it up!

Clothes can be donated or recycled. Toys can be donated or recycled. Books can be donated or recycled. Stuff that’s broken and only taking up space can be recycled, or disposed of if needs be.

I’m not advocating filling wheelie bins, I am advocating freeing up your presses, your rooms, and your mind.

It’s the overflow that kills me. Overflow of toys, clothes, general stuff. Can’t bear it. It feels like the walls are closing in on me when I look around & there is just crap everywhere!

I love shopping for clothes for myself & the boys but as with the toys; there is a finite amount of space allocated for each of our clothes in the house, and if it’s full it’s full; something has to go before something else is added. I refuse to buy or add extra storage for things that we can quite simply do without!

I do admit to occasionally regretting some decluttering decisions over the years… usually when the seasons change & I spend ages looking for “that top”… which has long since left the building…! But I don’t lose any sleep over it.

There is no point holding on to this stuff. It takes over your house. It takes over your mind. It takes over your life if you let it get bad enough! Bag it up! You will most definitely feel the better for it.

Less stuff= less mess.

Less mess= less tidying.

Less tidying = Happy Mammy.

Happy Mammy= Happy Home.

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