The Slippery Wine Slope

I write this as I come to the end of a most delicious glass of Pinot Grigio. Lads it’s just so yummy. And only €9 in Centra shur where would you be going!

I could easily have one, or four, every night if I chose to, but I don’t. I love a drink, but I’m also very wary of it.

Send me away for a night where I know I won’t have to face children in the a.m. & I’m ready for road! But when it comes to facing the aftermath of a few too many bevvies combined with deafening children in your face at first light, it just doesn’t seem worth it!

It’s a slippery slope as they say, and I feel like the drinking at home is much slippier than anything else!

I reckon we are all the same. We start out all civilised & composed, just having ONE glass for “the taste”…

Log in to Zoom & and so it begins…

Glass #1; Oh now this is lovely. So glad I had the cop on to put it in the fridge for a few hours! Oh wow, so crisp & refreshing, just call me Tom Doorley!

Glass #2; Yes, as planned, lovely light notes of apricot… DivIIIINE; Teresa I’m telling you, this would go just lovely with your pan-fried hake! (And the Spice Bag from the Chinese would also pair well…fyi)

Glass #3; Bridie! You’re talkin’ SHITE! Would you ever go on with yourself in the name of God… No I will NOT shut up I’m deadly serious!

(Now, depending on how “generous” your glasses are, you might have only made it to glass #3, but I’m a lady, so my bottles always make it to glass #4…)

Glass #4; This my friends is where we really separate the women from the girls…

Glass #4 is the bottom of the slippery wine slope… this is where we all end up… and in my experience, there are two distinct piles…

You either end up in Pile A; laughing at nonsense, with two big red cheeks on you, and everyone around you (or just your other half) wondering what the hell happened ‘cos you were “grand” 10 minutes ago…

Or you end up in Pile B, slurring & slumping & sliding around in a sleepy drunken mess…and waking up with a hangover from hell… the worst!

Personally I’ve been in both boats!

Gladly I usually wind up in Pile A, which in fairness isn’t the worst, but is bad enough for me to give myself a slap on the wrist the following morning.

Women are notorious for loving wine, such a stereotype, but for the most part it’s true! My biggest question is.. why doesn’t it love us back?! We may never find the answer, but we will persevere in our experiment!

So what does your slope look like? If you have mastered the skill of getting to glass #4 and not ending up in either Pile A or B, please let me know your secret!

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