Potty Training Diary: Day 1

We got up, I had had a decent sleep (only woken twice…!) So I decided today is the day. Got No.2 downstairs, started to get him dressed & told him that today we are doing wees in the potty & that he was going to wear his new undies. It was due to be the hottest day of the year so I also attempted to put shorts on him but I was angrily informed that they were “Silly Pants”, so we reverted to the trackie bottoms…

They played outside for 2 hours & when we came back in there was a panicked call of “WEE!”… but he wouldn’t sit on the potty. So the first costume change was done, shortly followed by the second while he sat on the couch (don’t worry, multiple blankets had it covered!).

No way would he sit on the potty, even though he has done it a couple of times over the past few months, it’s been living in our sitting room for whenever the mood struck! “It’s too scary!”.

Cue the sugary cereal snack bribes.

He sat on it for less than a minute before his nap. So that’s something I suppose!

He used the naptime Pull-Up to take a well-timed dump, and the potty refusal continued for the afternoon.

He had an alfresco wee & a sitting room wee and showed zero interest in trying to put said wee anywhere except his pants…

After another little piddle it was bathtime, and after bathtime there was still an hour to bed, but I negotiated him into a PullUp and called it a day.

Reeeeeaaaaly hoping tomorrow goes better!


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