Hopes for Life Post-Lockdown

Lockdown is slowly coming to an end. Our lives are slowly resuming. But they can’t ever be the same. So what will our lives look like post-lockdown?

This is what I HOPE it will be like for us…

Less time will be spent away at work.

Less time will be spent commuting.

More time will be spent doing what we truly enjoy- hopefully everyone has figured that out by now!

We will be visiting family & friends with more excitement and enthusiasm than before.

There will still be some Zooming!

New habits will be kept: cooking, baking, maybe fitness for some.

We will continue to enjoy the world directly outside our door.

We will know the true value of a hug.

We will miss our kids when normal life resumes (but we will enjoy the break too!).

We will miss the lack of alarm clocks.

We will miss the flexibility of our days.

We will acknowledge the value of our teachers & schools and the role they play in ALL of our lives.

We will tip our hairdressers & beauticians way more than before… at least we should!

We will relish the chance to visit places that we may have taken for granted.

And because we are Irish, we will definitely complain.

We will complain about having “no time” and “too much to do” despite having spent so many months longing for what we thought was freedom.

We will complain that weekends are too short & we will count the hours until Friday afternoon.

We will complain that the weather is gone to shite again (I mean, it’s inevitable surely?!)

But you know what, that’s ok too. That’s all part of the fabric of who we are, and it’s all part of our “normal”.

And I will happily take any bit of “normal” that I can get.


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